Fox Costumes

Dress up in a Fox costume for Halloween this year and bring an end to the question, “What does the fox say?” Although Foxes aren’t known to favor crowds, suit up as a Fox and become the life of the party. If you’re wild at heart you owe it to yourself to snag a Fox costume today!

Fox Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Become the most cunning animal in the forest this Halloween when you choose from one of our amazing Fox Costumes! The fox is a quick and witty animal, always one step ahead of the game, and always sly and mysterious in its ways. You will look and feel just like a slick fox yourself this Halloween when you get all spruced up in one of these amazing get-ups.

Enter the party as a foxy red phoenix, and you'll have everyone looking your way in awe. Nobody has more fun than a fox at a bash! Team up with your other animal friends this year and you're guaranteed to have a forest night as wild as Nature herself. Deer, wolves, monkeys, lions, tigers, bears - get them all together this Halloween and bring the magic of the animal kingdom to life wherever you go.

If it's your child who is looking for a fox costume this year, then be sure to direct him or her to our wonderful selection of fox costumes. It's not much of a surprise why your tyke would want to dress up as a fox. Being so sly, they are quick to take all of the best candy while trick or treating! Heck, there was even a fox character on television made famous by his ability to swipe precious items... Swyper the fox, anybody? Whether you love this Dora the Explorer fox character or are just looking for the best fox costume possible, we certainly have you covered this  Halloween.

Dress your young cherub up as a cute and cuddly fox this year, and you will never want to take their costume off. And with the cozy and snug materials we use for our baby costumes, you know for sure your child is going to want to keep their fox costume on all day long too. Buy one of our fox costumes today, and go make this Halloween an extra foxy one!

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