Flesh And Blood Makeup

Halloween is all about the gore, so pile it on thick this year and get a truly terrifying look with the help of our Flesh and Blood Effects accessories and makeup kits. Too many people dress up in funny costumes or princess outfits on Halloween. Bring the holiday back to its roots and embrace its macabre origins by dressing up as a monster, vampire, or zombie. Add the perfect finishing details to your ensemble and check out all of our amazing flesh and blood makeup kits!

Shop Fake Blood & Makeup Online

This category is your one stop shop for gore effects and should be the first place you start your search when looking for fake blood and prosthetic effects. You can add a startlingly scary wound with any of our great prosthetics. We have an extensive collection of wound makeup kits that can give you gouges, scars, slices, protruding bones, and so much more. These realistic and eye catching effects will really help you stand out at any costume party. We also carry zombie makeup kits, an array of fake blood choices, and the applicators and supplies you need to expertly apply the makeup and blood effects.

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