Flash Costumes

Become the fastest man in the world or at least look the part with one of our Flash Costumes. Run circles around everyone this Halloween in your red jumpsuit. Prove you're quick and order a Flash Costume for kids and adults online now!

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The Flash gained his superhuman powers because of a chemical spill in a laboratory. Not only did this enable him to run incredibly fast but he could also use his mind to solve problems rapidly and move through solid walls. His place on the Justice League left him in the company of Batman, Wonder Woman and even Superman. Since his character’s inception in 1940, Flash has become a staple of pop culture. Gear up in the red and yellow Flash jumpsuit complete with muscles. Impress the ladies with your streamlined superhero look or let the ladies impress the fellas with our Adult Sexy Flash costumes for women. 

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Let the kids get in on the action. Suit up the Toddler in the adorable Flash Premium Toddler Jumpsuit. Let the boys become the Flash Child or get a more muscular look with our Boy’s Deluxe Flash Costume.

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