Flapper Costumes

Turn back time to the 1920’s. Fashion was fabulous, people were rich, and everyone was loving life. The first World War was over and everyone was celebrating with cigars and speakeasies. While prohibition is no longer anything Americans have to worry about, finding the right Halloween costume is! Make the right choice this Halloween as a flapper. This look is classy and sassy for anyone who wants to wow the crowd. Swing your way into a stunning look this season with a timeless flapper dress and pearls to match. A flapper is a perfect last minute costume idea and at these prices there’s no need to look any place else for a grand old costume that will take your sweetie’s breath away.

Flapper Costume Ideas & Inspiration

You will be channeling the rebellious energy of the 1920's this Halloween when you put on one of our dazzling Flapper Costumes! Flappers were like the hipsters of the 1920's. These brave and rebellious souls challenged the status quo at every corner and angle they could find, taking part in all kinds of risky behaviors that went against the societal norm.

Fond of jazz music, short skirts, cool cars, cigarettes, bobbed hair, dancing, and promiscuous behavior, these gorgeous young ladies weren't afraid to be themselves and show their disdain for everything considered normal and acceptable at the time. Give a big hoorah for freedom and self-expression this Halloween when you choose to dress up as one of these fun ladies yourself! With our high quality flapper girl costumes, you will be the life of the party from the second you walk into the room.

No Halloween bash is truly ready to come alive until the flapper girl hits the dance floor and gets everybody on their feet. If you're looking to really make this Halloween a special one, then team up with your other flapper girls and storm the party like a giant rebellious wave of energy. Nobody will know what hit em'! Pair any of these gorgeous flapper looks with some matching wigs and jewelry pieces from our site, and you're guaranteed to be looking and feeling your best no matter where you go this Halloween.

If your child is looking to dress up as a flapper girl herself this year, then don't miss out on any of our costume options for children. Your daughter will look absolutely precious donning the look of these 1920's freedom fighters. Buy one of our flapper girl costumes today, and go make this Halloween a rebellious night of freedom, fun, and self-expression you will never forget!

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