Firefighter Costumes

Need firefighter Halloween costumes? The firefighter style is one of the "stock items" that we sell and keep on hand in large quantities for every trick or treating season. Fireman outfits come in all sizes with authentic looking pants and jacket for men and boys to flashy mini dresses for teens and women. Look for the styles that have reflective trim and realistic looking patches so that you can transform into a local hero in your community, or at least the person with the most realistic look. Firefighter sets are also a more wholesome option for anyone that doesn't like the same-old scary Halloween icons out there.

Firefighters Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Get ready to save some lives this Halloween dressed as our bravest and finest. This Halloween, show your respect with an action-packed look that honors the firefighters who work tirelessly to make sure we’re all safe when things go wrong. Choose from an exciting selection of costumes that features everything you need to take care of business when you arrive at the party.

Suit up with realistic-looking firefighter boiler suit-type costumes, as well as heavier-duty gear and equip yourself with matching accessories such as axes and more to make sure that you look truly ready to handle any blaze. Being a good firefighter is all about being prepared and we’re offering all this gear to help you towards that end. Featuring outfits intended for both children and adults, the family can join in dressed up as a firehouse engine troop. Watch each other’s backs and you just might all make it out together this Halloween.


If you've got a little firefighter on your hands this Halloween, it's time to sound the alarm! We all know how much hard work trick-or-treating is and your little one might need a wagon to help them make it through the night. Carry your supplies for Halloween in a wagon that won't cause a fashion emergency. Upgrade your wagon to coordinate with your little one’s look by turning it into a fire engine with the help of this tutorial.

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