Finding Dory Costumes

After more than 10 years, fans of the incredibly successful Finding Nemo were given a sequel centered on everyone’s favorite forgetful fish with Finding Dory. There’s plenty to love about a movie starring a blue tang fish with short-term memory loss! But there’s more than just Dory to dress up as, from Hank the septapus to Nemo. There are plenty of choices for all fishy friends!

Finding Dory Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Don’t get lost trying to find the perfect Pixar costume this Halloween and instead make use of a handy guide in the form of our digital Finding Dory catalog. This colorful CGI movie actually managed to live up to the original serving up a second adventure that somehow managed to be as satisfying as the first. Shifting the focus to Dory this time around, this movie still featured everyone’s favorite clownfish Nemo and his dad on another underwater adventure that saw Dory trying to reunite with her parents.

Our selection features nothing but the very best officially approved costumes and accessories, all of which are designed to provide you or your child with the Pixar adventure of their dreams. Whether you’re out trick-or-treating or partying together make sure you do so with a collection of costumes that work great solo, but manage to be even better when worn as a family.

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