Feather Masks

You can add a splash of color and flair with one of these fun Feather Masks. These types of masks are a great accent and focal point to add to your ensemble. Bright, bold, and colorful, these feather accented masks work great with a number of different costume ideas. We have a ton of variety within this section so that you have plenty to choose from. Once you've landed on a great costume idea, come here to the Feather Mask category to look for a fun and eye catching complement to your outfit. Browse through this extensive collection to find and order your favorite today!

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There is a lot of variety with our types and styles of masks within this category. We include domino, Venetian, and hand-held masks. Some are slim eye masks, while others cover more of your face. Many of these bright and colorful masks feature contrasting trims, sequins, beautiful designs and patterns, and some really eye catching designs. All of the masks in this section, of course, feature feather accents to add a nice focal point to your ensemble. These feathered masks can be the perfecting finishing touch to your outfit and can help make your outfit really memorable.

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