Fangs & Teeth Accessories

The best costumes always come down to the little details. Accessories, accents, and props can help complete the costume and bring the character to life. Our assortment of Fangs and Fake Teeth can provide you with the perfect final touch to your costume. Search through our stock and find the fang and teeth accessories you need to get the perfect look!

Shop Fake Fangs and Teeth At Wholesale Halloween Costumes

A scary set of chompers or ferocious fangs can add so much to a great costume. A great costume can only do so much, the rest is up to the accessories, makeup, and props to really complete the look of the character. You can find vampire fangs and false front teeth. We carry vicious werewolf teeth and bloody zombie teeth sets. Our rotting and bloody fake teeth look so realistic! We also carry cinema grade black teeth coloring and blood accented vampire fangs. It's not just monsters that need fake teeth though, so we also carry bunny teeth, a gold tooth piece, crooked 'doofus' teeth, and more.

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