Fallen Angel Costumes

The Fallen Angel costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes fell straight from heaven into your next Halloween bash. Whether you're decking out in a full getup or just rocking wings and a halo, the Fallen Angel costumes ensure that anyone can be sinful for a night. We also have chillingly-good prices and fast shipping to make your Halloween frightfully fun. Check out our Fallen Angel costume selection now!

Fallen Angel Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Become an angel gone bad this Halloween when you put on one of our gorgeous Fallen Angel Costumes! Angels are some of God’s favorite beings, meant to be perfect examples of love, light, and purity in the world. However, when angels sin and fall victim to the dark side, they are cast out of heaven, falling down to Earth to live among the far weaker mortals, hence the term, “Fallen Angels.”

In fact, the Devil himself, Lucifer, is considered to be a Fallen Angel as well. He was one of God’s favorite angels, but became jealous when God gave all of his love to the humans. Soon, Lucifer was cast out into the underworld, where he now seeks to corrupt all beings who consider themselves to be good. This Halloween, you will have an absolute blast turning to the darker side of life in your fallen angel costume.

Being good and spreading love is fun and all, but everybody knows the devils have more fun. With your purchase of one of our special costumes, you will receive everything you need to become the most beautiful dark angel the world has ever seen. Enter the party donning one of our sexy get-ups, and you’ll have even the best angels looking your way in awe. Let your hair down and party it up with all of the devils, ghouls, and demons while sporting a look that says “I can be good, but I can also be bad.” If you’re looking to take your costume to the next level, then be sure to check out our many angel accessories.

A dark wig, some jewelry, and a bit of face make-up will certainly have you looking and feeling just like a mysterious dark goddess. Buy one of our costumes today, and go make this Halloween a night of pure pleasure and fun!

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