Emoji Costumes

Evoke the emotion that fits you best with one of our Emoji costumes! Are you the funny friend of the group? Get the double tear emoji mask. Do cats melt your heart? Wholesale Costume Center offers the Cat Heart Eyes Emoji Mask just for you. Bring some emotion to the party and order an Emoji costume today!

Emoji Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Express yourself in style this Halloween when you put on one of our awesome Emoji Costumes! Happy faces, sad faces, sunglasses, eggplants, fire symbols, flowers, hearts, poop emojis, and so much more. Our phones possess a million different emojis to express ourselves with these days, that we barely even need to use words anymore! This Halloween, dress up as your favorite emoji yourself when you pick out one of our hilarious emoji get-ups.

If you're going for something funny, then why not put on one of our comical poop or eggplant emoji costumes? Can you imagine the look on everyone's faces when you start burning up the dance floor with your wicked moves while all dressed up as a giant piece of poop? It will get everybody laughing and dropping to the floor, that's for sure! If you want to keep it traditional, then check out our yellow face emoji costumes so you can really communicate your feelings effectively this year.

Nothing spells happiness quite like a happy face emoji! With your purchase of one of our fun costumes, you will receive everything you need to make your Halloween night a huge success this year. If your kids are tech savvy, then you know they are going to want to get in on the emoji costume action as well this year. Lucky for you, we have so many different emoji costumes available for kids, no matter their age! Teens, toddlers, and infants alike - if they want to dress up as an emoji this year, then we have you covered.

Go trick or treating with your little emoji cutie this Halloween, and they will have an expressive night like no other. Buy one of our costumes today, and go make this Halloween an emoji filled night you will never forget!

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