Elvis Costumes

There were many icons that symbolized the rise of a rock n roll in America, including the Beatles and Johnny Cash. No musician, however, was more influential than Elvis Presley in pioneering the rock n roll revolution. This Halloween, give honor to "The King" with unique and original Elvis costumes. These suits are authentic representations of the rock n roll legend.

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Although he gained his popularity in the '50s performing rock n roll and gospel tracts, many die hard fans know that he also got his second wind in the '70s by performing at Las Vegas venues and other shows. Get a little creative and have fun with the Elvis craze by investing in Grand Heritage Adult Elvis Costumes. They come with all the essentials that will get a lot of second looks. Decked out in bell bottoms and the tight white pants, you will no doubt get some song requests. This is a chance to step out of that comfort zone and step into the his persona by using his charming southern accent and shaking your hips to his most memorable songs. There's even a wig and sunglasses with sideburns to complete the look.

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