Egyptian/Arabian Accessories

If you want to look like the Queen of the Nile, you need to accessorize with Egyptian jewelry. Our selections include earrings, armbands, wrist cuffs, rings, headpieces and more. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs and wealthy upper class wore gold jewelry while others wore adornments made from copper and clay. Many wore these accessories to guard against evil and they were buried with it to help them find their way in the afterlife.

Egyptian/Arabian Accessories - Ideas & Inspiration

Adorn yourself in exotic jewels, garments and more this Halloween for an intriguing look that will leave everyone feeling whisked away to a world brimming with ancient power, intrigue and legacy. When we consider the legacy of the ancient Egyptians and the recent popularity of contemporary movies like Aladdin is it any wonder why these places persist in our cultural imagination. Whether you are dressing up like the Pharaoh that you always knew you could be, or transforming your character into an adventurer straight out of the Arabian ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ you’ll do so with the confidence of knowing you’ve got only the best in matching costume accessories.

Seize the opportunity to challenge even Cleopatra’s beauty with a lovely queen’s dress that includes must-have essentials such as jewelry like the golden snake armband, ornate and elegant collars, and matching wristbands, Ankh staffs and more. We also offer numerous Egyptian-style wigs and more.  If your eye turns eastward towards Arabia, then know that we have got you covered thanks to fun items such as a red waist sashes, golden necklaces, genie lamps and more.

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