Egyptian/Arabian Accessories

If you want to look like the Queen of the Nile, you need to accessorize with Egyptian jewelry. Our selections include earrings, armbands, wrist cuffs, rings, headpieces and more. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs and wealthy upper class wore gold jewelry while others wore adornments made from copper and clay. Many wore these accessories to guard against evil and they were buried with it to help them find their way in the afterlife.

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Gemstones were believed to have powers. Green jasper could help bring rain to crops, lapis lazuli protected against serpents and agates protected against spiders. Popular designs included the eye of Horus, which symbolized eternity; the nefer, which symbolized beauty and goodness and the ankh, which symbolized life. The best-known symbol was the scarab, a beetle that was made of gold, molded from clay or carved from stone.

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Egypt is probably the first civilization where jewelry making became a profession. Craftsmen worked with gold and emeralds, which were available in Egypt, as well as silver, which had to be imported. They also liked to use glass as it was easier to work with than gemstones. While we have many examples of ancient Egyptian art and jewelry, much more was lost over the millennia due to grave robbers. One of today's most well known kings is Tutankhamen. He was not an important ruler of Egypt; he is only well known today because his tomb remained untouched for thousands of years until it was discovered in 1922.

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