Edward Scissorhands Costumes

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Edward Scissorhands Costume Ideas & Inspiration

You will be chopping up all kinds of things this Halloween when you dress up in one of our elite quality Edward Scissorhands Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become one of the most unique movie characters that Johnny Depp has ever played. Edward Scissorhands tells the story of a strange boy who was created by a scientist, though was left unfinished, his hands made with scissors and blades rather than fingers.

This gentle soul attempts to find himself in the world of humans, but struggles at every turn, always finding himself as an outcast no matter how hard he tries to fit in. I suppose having scissors for fingers is a bit too difficult to hide! This Halloween, head to the party as Edward Scissorhands and you'll have everyone welcoming you with open arms. Just like the movie, some people might even start asking you for a haircut and a new hairdo!

If you're looking to accessorize your Edward get-up a bit more, be sure to check our site for all kinds of gear. Jewelry, wigs, face make-up, and more of our fun accessories will certainly upgrade your costume to new heights!

If your child loves the Edward Scissorhands movie as well, then you know they are going to want to dress up as this fun character this year for Halloween. With your purchase of our Edward Scissorhands children costumes, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the cutest kid to ever wield scissors as fingers (don't worry, they're fake!). Trick or treating while wearing this fun costume will be a blast for your kid, because when it's time to open up their candy they don't have to struggle trying to rip it open. They can just cut it with their scissors! Buy one of our Edward Scissorhands costumes today, and make this Halloween your sharpest one yet!

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