Duck Dynasty Halloween Costumes

If you'd have told me that you could have a multi-million dollar company making duck calls, I'd have called you crazy. But the boys of the hit reality series Duck Dynasty are proof that it sure is possible. These guys are some long-bearded, America-loving, good ol' boys, who have a great product and a brilliant sense of business. This Halloween, check out some of our Duck Dynasty Costumes, and you can join the family business as a member of the Robertson clan.

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Phil Robertson spent years making his now famous duck calls in his old shed behind his house, until his son Willie went to school and got a degree in business. Willie came back home with the idea to turn his father's product into a big company, and now here they are with the biggest duck-call business in the world. We have camouflage jackets, different styles of bandanas for each character's unique headwear choice, and, of course, plenty of big bushy fake beards for each character. Because while plenty of people now know about Duck Commander, the duck-call that made the business famous, nothing about them is more iconic than their huge beards.

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