Dragons Costumes

Knights have battled them, hobbits have stolen their treasure and now it’s your turn to become the most feared medieval creature: the dragon! Be the fire ball of the party with a dragon costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes this year. Our collection is extensive so pick a dragon costume today!

DIY Dragon Hoodie

Who doesn't love a good fairytale? If you've ever dreamed of living in a far off kingdom where princess, knights, fairy godmothers and magical creatures live, this tutorial is for you! Nothing sparks the imagination quite like a good fairytale. No matter what classic fairytale is your favorite, you know you're in for an epic adventure. Dress the part this Halloween with a hoodie that's straight fire! Or at least look like you breathe straight fire. Find out how to recreate this horned and spiked magical creature that's straight from the storybooks by following along with this DIY hoodie tutorial!

DIY Dragon Wings & Tail

If you're looking for a magical creature that soars above the rest, look no further than a dragon. No more are these creatures just something knights need to defeat to save the princess. They make just as good a friend as they do a foe. So when choosing to dress up as a fairytale character, why go for a princess or knight costume when a dragon is much cooler.

Step your DIY hoodie game up a notch without spending the big bucks by creating a set of removable dragon wings and tail! Our step-by-step instructions will help you bring this budget dragon to life!

Dragons Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Become a fire breathing mystical beast this Halloween when you pick up one of our high quality Dragon Costumes! For centuries, dragons have captured our imaginations, making themselves the center of so many of our favorite books, shows, and films. Whether you have fallen in love with Smaug from the Hobbit series, Drogon from Game of Thrones, or Falkor from The Never Ending Story, there are so many celestial and beautiful dragons in the world to respect and appreciate.

When you dress up as a dragon yourself this Halloween, you will feel just as enchanting and magical as your favorite dragons from mythological folklore. Enter the party breathing fire like a dragon and you'll be burning up the dance floor with your wicked dance moves all night long. Team up with your other dragon friends and you will be soaring through the sky and partying it up this Halloween like a pack of winged reptiles.

If your child is a fan of dragons too, then you know he or she is going to want to dress up as a dragon themselves this year. With your purchase of our Dragon Costumes for children, you will receive just the get-up you need for either your teen, your toddler, or your infant. Your little one will absolutely love trick or treating while dressed up as one of our awesome dragons. When you can fly to every house in the entire neighborhood, it makes gathering candy a whole lot easier!

And on top of that, dragons just look super cool no matter what they are doing. Your child will feel like the coolest kid in school this year while donning one of these miraculous dragon costumes. Buy one of our dragon get-ups today, and go make this Halloween a fire-breathing night you will never forget!

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