Dr Strange Costumes

Doctor Strange Kaecilius Makeup Tutorial

Dr. Stephen Strange traveled across the world to Kamar-Taj to learn how to heal himself after a car accident left his hands damaged. He expected to be greeted by an elderly monk who would teach him to heal through meditation and osteopathic medicine. However, he is thrust into a world of ancient dangers. The Ancient One opens Strange’s eyes to Dormammu who is heading to destroy the world. 

While Dormammu is bad, the sorcerers of Kamar-Taj must face Kaecilius, the fallen angel of the Ancient One’s order. Kaecilius plans to transfer the power of Dormammu’s realm – the Dark Dimension – into our world, to allow us to all live forever. His interaction with the Dark Dimension has caused his skin to crack and dark energy to seep in, giving him his signature look, the look we had Caitlyn Kreklewich recreate for us in this makeup tutorial

Dr Strange Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Command the mystic arts and defend our realm from transdimensional threats that are just waiting for an opening through which they can enter their plane of existence. But if you’re going to serve as our new sorcerer supreme then you’re going to need a costume that’s worthy of the title. Fortunately for you and indeed all life, we have an exciting catalog taken from the Ancient One’s private library that is designed to provide you with the magical relics and supplies you need to fight off outer space tyrants, evil wizards, and ancient and monstrous deities.

Based off his original classic appearances, the MCU reimagined Strange’s costume for a modern audience making for an exciting take that respected the classic while, in true Marvel style, updating the rest for mainstream audiences. Now you can don your very own look thanks to our approved official section of various accessories such as the cloak of levitation and more. Don’t forget the trusty eye of agamotto for one particular ace up your sleeve that might just come in handy.

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