Domino Masks

Whether you're heading to an evening of fun at your next Mardi Gras Festival, or you're going to a fancy Gala Ball, Domino Masks are the staple piece to complete your stylish wardrobe. Perfect for men and women, this type of mask typically features a small covering around the eyes and the space between them. Domino Masks have been in use since the 18th century, and they get their name from the Latin word dominus, which means "lord" or "master." Men can look appropriate without feeling too dressy by opting for a plain design. Women can enjoy a simple look or any number of decorated variations. Today's contemporary designs sometimes have additional shapes like the cat eye, where the form of the eyes is mimicked not only in the eye cut outs, but also in the shape of the mask. Other styles include more material over the forehead and cheeks for a fuller appearance.

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One of the many great things about Domino Masks is that you can still talk and interact with other party-goers without having to remove the mask. This is crucial for comfort and function during events. The simplest designs feature a round shape in a variety of solid colors, so you can match the mask to your clothing. In addition, these masks make great craft projects for adults and children, as you can add feathers, beads, sparkles, and any other desired embellishments to customize your look. Create a child's masquerade themed party by purchasing a colorful assortment of these masks and allowing the group to design their own masks. Once you're done wearing the Domino Mask, it can be hung up and used as wall art.

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