Dog Costumes

The best costume accessory you could ever ask for is your furry friend, so these Pet Costumes will help you include fido in all of the festive Halloween fun! Many of these outfits for dogs coordinate with our great human costumes, so dressing up your pet can really help you look your best. Most pet costumes include a comfortable dog friendly shirt, dress, or jacket that closes with velcro, as well as a headpiece with room for their ears. With outfits for dogs of all shapes and sizes, you're sure to find something both you and your pet will love. Once you've found the perfect ensemble for yourself, accessorize by putting your pooch in one of these adorable pet costumes and you'll turn heads at the dog park or any Halloween party!

Dog Costumes

Dogs from big to small will be able to get a look that fits on them the right way this Halloween with this big, wonderful collection. No pretty little pooch or big beefy Brutus will have to go without a look when you go to a costume party with all these choices: There are simple pullover costumes that are simply and comfortable, full body jumpsuits for sharks, Spider-Man, or clowns, shirts, dresses, costume fronts with polyester items, and lots of other choices. Find headpieces, jackets, adorable fluffy looks, jumpsuits, and much more to help get the perfect look.

Pet costumes can sometimes be uncomfortable for the pet, so it's very important for you to get the right size, no matter what kind of dog you have. If your dog is uncomfortable, no one will have fun, and you may have to do a good bit of extra cleaning up during or after your party, and you don't want that. Look closely to find the right look to both make your group costume even better, as well as making sure your family friend is ready for all kinds of fun!

Officially Licensed Dog Costumes

Do you want to get a furry little Yoda to help your young Luke Skywalker? If Woody wants to go trick-or-treating, shouldn't he have Buzz Lightyear at his side? From Ghostbusters to the Wizard of Oz to Disney's The Little Mermaid, these pet Halloween costumes help you find incredible officially licensed outfits that not only look good but feel good too. Help make your pooch part of a fun group costume featuring Star Wars characters, superheroes and villains, TV and movie characters, and lots of other options. It's never been easier to include the family pet with the kids and adults when you go out for trick-or-treating, to a fun costume party, and lots of other dress-up events.

Big dogs, small dogs, and dogs right in the middle will all love the dog costume that you can pick from this collection. A pet costume is always just right for a night of fun, no matter what kind of theme you want. From Deadpool and Wonder Woman to Eeyore, Captain Kirk, and Freddy Krueger, there are far more choices than you might have first imagined when you go shopping for dog Halloween costumes.

Funny Dog Costumes

There's nothing like dressing up your dog in a costume that will make people laugh. If we've learned anything from viral videos, we know the internet loves a pet in costume. With the help of a funny dog costume, your pooch will be the most popular pup on the block this Halloween. Maybe you've got a dog who loves to get into mischief on your hands. Well, a prison jumpsuit might be a perfect fit. Or maybe you've got a flat-chested diva who dreams of being one of Hef's bunnies. We can help her transform and give her the busty body of her dreams with the right dog costume.

Bet if you're going for belly-busting laughs, a walking costume is the way to go. These hilarious pet costumes are like miniature jumpsuits. They fit over his or her head and go all the way over the front paws. That way, when your pup starts strutting their stuff, the costume looks like it's walking. From vets to UPS delivery people, we've got a huge inventory of walking costumes for your pet. Choosing the perfect funny dog costume for Halloween is half the fun!

Animal Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is all about dressing up and most times, we dress up as something or someone that we're not. Your pet costumes should be no different. If you've got a pretty pooch, let them try out what it's like to be another member of the animal kingdom, if only for the night. With so many different animal dog costumes to choose from, it might be hard to pick just one. From penguins and bears to sharks and dinosaurs, transforming your furry friend is easy. And since not all pets are comfortable in clothes, we offer a wide range of dog costumes and accessories to try on. Your dog will have so much fun dressing up because everyone will be lining up to take pictures and give him or her a good petting. 

A dog's life can be "ruff," so it's only fair to let him or her see how the other members of the animal kingdom live. You know what they say about walking a mile in someone else's shoes. Go wild this Halloween with an animal pet costume that everyone will love. 

Holiday Costumes for Dogs

Halloween isn't the only occasion to dress up for, especially when you've got a cute puppy. That's why we carry dog costumes for holidays as well. Turn your pup into one of Santa's helpers. Or maybe your holiday celebrations are a little more formal. We've got dapper dog costumes for the holiday seasons that will have your pets dressed for the occasion. Nothing will spread holiday cheer quite like a cute pet in a cute holiday pet costume. From Christmas and Hannukah to 4th of July and Cinco de Mayo, there's a costume for your dog. We offer full costumes that will transform your pup into an elf or even Mrs. Claus. But we also offer costume accessories, like ties and hats for pups who aren't as comfortable in clothes. 

Suit your pet up in style and they'll surely become the life of the holiday party. With so many holiday pet costumes to choose from, you might find yourself creating more occasions to celebrate this year! We're here to help fill all your holiday dog costume needs. 

DIY Dog Costumes

Bernie Sanders DIY Candid-dog

The election has passed, but Bernie Sanders still sometimes shows up to yell at a passing cloud. Make your friendly pooch into this kooky character with the help of the DIY Presidential Candi-dog Costume of Bernie Sanders! All you need is a few simple items, a wild white-haired wig, and a well-behaved dog, and you can get a presidential hopeful that still thinks he has a chance at the highest seat in the country. It's a wonderful activity for kids, and helps you get a pet Halloween costume for your pooch that might just fit in with the other costumes that you have planned for Halloween!

More Presidential Dog Costumes

Creating classic costumes for your dog is easier than you might think this year! With the help of the do it yourself political dog costumes, you can create something unique and memorable that the other guests at your costume party will find hilarious! All it takes is a few pieces of cloth, some accessories, and a wig, and you can create a Donald Trump or a Hilary Clinton dog Halloween costume – they may be barking all night long, but you know they could never bite anyone. These looks are sure to be a fun addition to any night of costume adventures.

Dressing up With Your Dog

Your furry family friend needs a costume as well this Halloween, and this huge collection of dog costumes helps you get a wonderful look for the smallest member of your family, no matter what kind of theme you want to have for costume parties, trick-or-treating, and more. There are all kinds of pet costumes you can find for your little friend.

There are tons and tons of different costumes for your dog to choose from on this page, including Star Wars costumes, other animals, human characters like cowboys, prisoners, tuxedos, and greasers, superheroes, Disney Princesses, horror movie icons, food groups, and plenty of others. You can coordinate with your pup to make a pair of perfectly-dressed characters for a costume party, add him to a group of trick-or-treaters to make sure they have some safety when they're out in the neighborhood during a dark Halloween night, or make your friend the center stage in a big group costume – there are hundreds of different options to choose from, so you're sure to find something you love! Dog Halloween costumes are a wonderful way to make any kind of dress-up event better than ever!

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