Doctor Costumes

So, you didn't decide to go to medical school. Fear not, you can don one of our very affordable doctor costumes and pretend! These authentic-looking and high-quality outfits are perfect for this Halloween! They also great for parties or for impressing your girlfriend's mother. Just remember when wearing, you will be fielding health-related questions, so be ready.

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And we are not talking simple scrubs here! Many MD costumes come complete with mask, hat, mirror and stethoscope! All for a very low price you can afford even if if you don't make a doctor's salary!

The great thing about the scrubs is the versatility and originality you can put into it. It can be used year after year, and every time be a different character! For example, add a baby doll, an poof! your generic family practitioner is now a obstetrician! The possibilities are limitless.

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And if the traditional medical profession route is not for you, then there are other alternatives. Any Walking Dead fan would love to have the Zombie Doctor Costume! One look at this look, and people know the Hippocratic Oath does not apply anymore. For those with more theatrical taste, the elaborate witch doctor's outfit is perfect for haunting.

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