Disney Wigs

Disney characters are always very popular costumes for adults and children alike. Many Disney characters are deeply ingrained in popular culture and are instantly recognizable by everyone. One of their defining characteristics is their iconic hair styles. Anyone who wants to dress up like a classic Disney character can ensure a perfect look by including a Disney wig as part of their costume.

Disney wigs aren't limited to just the princesses. The Wizard of Oz series has official Disney wigs for Dorothy and Glinda. The Alice in Wonderland line also features licensed Disney wigs, including wigs for Alice and the Mad Hatter. Men aren't left out. Jack Sparrow, from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies, has an iconic hair style. The Jack Sparrow wig, with its long beaded braids, can make a pirate costume perfect.

Disney costumes appeal to adults and children. We all grew up with Disney and we all love the timeless characters. Any Disney costume needs a wig to make it look just right. There are officially licensed Disney wigs for many characters, and suitable alternative wigs for the rest.

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