Dinosaur Costumes

The dinosaurs may have gone extinct, but your choice of Halloween costume will never be more alive than one of these dinosaur costumes from Wholesale Halloween Costumes! From the T-Rex to the Triceratops, there are plenty of dino outfits to choose from. Fast shipping will ensure your little one gets his or her kids’ dinosaur costume in time for Halloween, and if you want to match up with your little one, there are lots of adult dinosaur costumes and masks to fit your needs. Get your dinosaur costume while supplies last!

Dinosaur Costumes

There are all kinds of dinosaur costumes you can use to make your next night of costume fun, no matter who wants to get dress up! There are all kinds of styles to choose from, including outfits from the Jurassic World series, wonderful inflatable costumes that are a joy to wear and watch, colorful triceratops, high-flying pteranodon – who aren't technically dinosaurs, but we'll let it slide this time – comfy outfits for pets, great costumes for kids and toddlers, and tons of different accessories that help make your next outfit something that everybody will love.

Find a dinosaur Halloween costume that's scary, one that is funny, or one that is just fun, but all of them are great ways to help your next costume party become even better. There are lots of smaller and unique items too: masks with movable jaws, dino fossil costumes, dino riders, huge and wonderful skeleton props, winged creatures, gloves and latex hands, trick-or-treat bags, and even a few outfits that are sure to heat up any cold-blooded creature! It's easy to create a costume that you're sure to love, and that everyone else at your costume party or around the neighborhood is sure to enjoy!

Group Dinosaur Costumes

Create a wonderful herd for your next night of costume party fun with all these different dinosaur Halloween costumes! Get a collection of T-rexes that are sure to gobble up all the candy that costume parties can offer, a big herd of herbivores that will love wandering through the neighborhood while trick-or-treating, and plenty of others! There are classic scary beasts that love to slink around corners and surprise children, high-fling scaly beasts, colorful characters of all kinds, and plenty more, so no matter who is in your crew this year – men and women, children, toddlers, and even newborn babies – they'll find a look they love.

You can all dress up as characters from the recent Jurassic World movies, get a whole lot of inflatable costumes that everyone will love and laugh at, and more. From scary and dangerous to colorful and fun, there's no end to the styles you can get to help make your next night wonderful. Plan out your actions as a whole herd, or get a loose collection of cold-blooded characters for a great group costume at your next costume party, take the entire family for some trick-or-treating, and do a whole lot more with all these fun looks.

DIY Dinosaur Activities

DIY Dinosaur Nest Decoration

Create a really cool piece of decoration for a special dinosaur party when you build the DIY Dinosaur nest decoration! It's a fun activity to get the kids interested in crafts and creation, and help decorate a dino fan's room. All it takes is a few handy household items and some craft materials, and some fun craft time!

DIY Dino Fossil

Make a wonderful activity for your next dinosaur birthday party, and go old school with a wonderful activity for kids with the DIY Dino Fossil activity! All it takes is a few simple items, a few craft supplies, and a few toy dinosaur bones to create a wonderful activity!

Dinosaur Birthday Party

If your little child is the world's biggest dino fan, and wants to have an unforgettable birthday party, use this handy guide to create a Dinosaur Birthday Party! This big collection for includes ways to create unique and fun invitations that are sure to gather all kinds of wonderful creatures. You can also build all kinds of amazing decorations with tons of color and dino styles, get tableware for a wonderful dinner and dessert, some unforgettable food and drink like “dirt” cake, dino cookies, and fossil pretzels, come up with activities, some excellent favors, and much more.

Dinosaurs in Pop Culture

Ever since archaeologists discovered their huge bones, dinosaurs have become part of pop culture, never to fade away! Jurassic Park introduced us to an island full of immense creatures that soon turns to terror as the human characters must find a way to safety. One of the living toy characters in Toy Story is a friendly and air-headed T-Rex, and there are lots of other examples. Kids love dinosaurs, and they often devour books about the huge creatures, just like how these huge creatures devour fresh meat if they've carnivores, and tons of leafy greens when they're herbivores.

From the Pixar movie Toy Story to all kinds of classic thriller flicks like Jurassic Park! From such a small and humble beginning – a man in a rubber suit – becomes the greatest monster movie of all time, even to the modern age!

Facts About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are one of the most famous animal groups to ever roam the earth – and they aren't even around anymore! Get an amazing dinosaur costume for your next night of Halloween fun, whether it be a costume party, a night of trick-or-treating with the kids, or anything else.

Dinosaurs are huge lizards – reptiles – who grew so big they boggle the mind! From the ferocious and deadly Tyrannosaurus Rex and velociraptor to immense and gentle Brontosaurus, to armored Triceratops and mountainous stegosaurus, there are tons and tons of different dino types, so everyone is sure to find one that they love. The time of the dinosaurs is hard to pin down, but it stretches far, far longer than our current history, going back between 245 million and 66 million years ago.

At that time, 66 million years ago, a seven-mile-wide asteroid struck the earth, triggering a catastrophic event that changed the world forever. It blotted out the sun and caused a precipitous drop in temperature, started the ice age, and resulting in most of the dinosaurs dying out.

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