Despicable Me Costumes

Despicable Me is the wildly popular film featuring the villainous Gru, and his army of yellow minions. Gru is a genius supervillain with delusions of grandeur. He has always been a good villain, but never quite good enough to get funding from the Bank of Evil. With one of our Despicable Me Costumes, you can take evil into your own hands this Halloween. We have selections for Gru, his minions, and even the adorable little girls he adopts. You’ll be ready for evil in no time this Halloween, when you pick up one of these great items.

Dress Up The Whole Family In Despicable Me Costumes

In the sequel, the minions take on a much larger role than they had in the first one. We have several different styles of minion costumes, in addition to accessories and yellow face paint, so you can really look just like these adorable little dudes. Their language is tough to master, but easy enough to fake. Just go up to people and make noises, and they’ll be incredibly impressed. They may not be the brains of the operation, but the minions are the little guys who do the dirty work and manage to get things done, so Gru’s plan can go down without a hitch. We have different styles, making them perfect for doing a group ensemble. Have one person dress as Gru, and you’ll have the most evil team ever.

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