Daredevil Costumes

This Halloween, become Marvel’s blind superhero, Daredevil! Our men’s Daredevil costume is the perfect way to fight all the baddies that Halloween has to offer. Wholesale Halloween Costumes’ low prices and a great selection makes it easy to see why you should spend this Halloween dressed as your favorite of Stan Lee’s creations!

Daredevil Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Justice will truly be blind this Halloween when it’s being meted out by a member of the Marvel Knights family. Matt Murdock appears to be a regular old defense lawyer running his practice out of Hell’s Kitchen for the less fortunate. But that only hides the fact that at night he fights a war against crime as Daredevil, a superhero who in an accident gained enhanced human senses that allowed him to become a highly perceptive combatant. Oh, and did we mention he's blind?

Hot off his recent Netflix series, this Stan Lee-created character has numerous TV appearances to his name as well as a movie. Dress without fear by adorning yourself in bold reds with an intimidating devil-themed outfit that will send criminals running for the alleys. Our catalog is a must-have for fans of all stripes looking to step into the shoes of New York’s number one defense attorney.

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