Curvy TV & Movie Costumes

Size never matters at Halloween. TV & Movies for plus size women comprise many famous characters from TV and movies spanning generations. This includes cartoons too. If you have seen it on Nick at Nite, grew up watching it in re-runs or look forward to it every week today, you'll be able to find a costume for it.

From the very earliest Television and motion pictures to the newer characters and celebrities, this website has so many TV & Movie costumes that are made for women in sizes to fit up to a 3X. As a child, you probably looked forward to every spring when they would show The Wizard of Oz on TV. Our plus size Dorothy costume will bring back memories of that famous movie. If you loved watching Lucy in reruns, the I Love Lucy costume is a great choice. If you want a modern day Halloween costume based on a famous movie character, the women's sexy plus size Scream 4 Ghostface costume will be a daring choice for the horror film buff. Other timeless favorites include Olive Oyl, Princess Leia and Morticia Adams. To see these and all the rest of our plus size women's TV and movie costumes, look at the following pages.

Simply click on the name or picture of any of our costumes to look at the product detail page. On this page, you will also find a bunch of accessories that we pre-picked to match with your TV or movie themes Halloween costume. These accessories include hats, wigs, shoes and more. So, buy your Plus Size women's TV & Movie costumes early and be ready for Halloween day!

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