Curvy Religious Costumes

Plus size biblical and religious costumes are based on both characters from the bible as well as religious occupations. Starting with plus size biblical costumes, you can bring the stories of the bible to life by wearing authentic biblical era attire. Other plus size religious costumes are based on our modern day religious leaders such as priests, nuns and rabbis.

Religious Halloween costumes for people who wear a size XL to triple-X are usually the type that represent religious occupations. You can be a nun, a priest or a rabbi in the traditional sense of you can give it a humorous twist. Costumes like these are great for couples because they can both be purchased in plus sizes or they can be paired with standard size equivalents.

For a serious religious costume that you can use for a pageant play, Nativity or other religious themed event, a plus size bible costume would be in order. The best example to offer would be the Jesus costume. Its is a roomy off-white robe with a drape of fabric over the shoulder. The costume is more versatile as it sounds as it can be used for a Moses costume too.

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