Curvy Horror & Gothic Costumes

What would Halloween be without a good scare? In fact, it is how Halloween started. Many centuries ago, the Druids dressed in scary costumes on the Eve of Halloween to ward off evil spirits who rise from the dead. Keep the customs going today by choosing a horror costume this Halloween. Dressing up in horror costumes is a lot more fun for adults because you can make your costume scarier than you would for a kid. In addition, there is a much larger variety of adult horror costumes, and almost all of them come in plus-size.

Vampire Costumes

Vampires were all once human beings. Some sold their souls to the devil, and some were bitten by other undead blood-sucking fiends. Just like humans, vampires come in all shapes in sizes. If you're a little curvy and want to dress as a temptress of the shadows for your next Halloween or costume party, have no fear... inspire it! Sharpen your fangs, don your gown and take on the appearance a batty creature of the darkness. You don't have to get bitten or sell your soul to become a vampire - All you need is a vampire costume. Whether you're looking to become a Victorian era high-class countess or a more modern fanged creature, there's a costume for you. Transform yourself, not into a bat, but into a curvy vampire!

Ghost Costumes

Just because ghosts are transparent doesn't mean they need to lack curves! Ghosts are the spirits of humans, and just like us, they come in all shapes and sizes. So no matter the motivation behind your desire to haunt the still-living, you can show off your curves while you do it in a ghost costume! The ghastly and the ghoulish are a classic costume for any time of year, Halloween or otherwise. So take that classic look and make it yours! Become a spirit and take your haunting to the next level with your own ghostly look!

The most common plus size horror costumes are ghosts, zombies, monsters, werewolves and vampires. These costumes come in styles for men and woman.Plus size scary costumes can be elegant, fancy and even grotesque, depending on the costume you choose. They can even be scary in a humorous way. Women's plus size horror costumes have elegant offerings such as the Monster Bride costume. It would look perfect with monster makeup and a bride of Frankenstein wig. Men's plus size horror costumes range from a sinister minister to a werewolf to the famous Scream ghost face killer.

In addition to the many plus size scary Halloween costumes you can buy, there is also a full line of accessories to go with them. The primary accessory is makeup. There are also varieties of masks. When used strategically, makeup and masks can become a costume in and of themselves but nothing beats wearing them together. Additional accessories include gothic jewelry, horror wigs and footwear.

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