Curvy Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

Have you ever wondered how the Egyptians built those pyramids? Well, we can't answer that question but we can tell you where you can find plus size Egyptian-Arabian Halloween costumes at the lowest prices on the internet. Locating our website is like finding a pharaoh' s treasure because of the quality and variety of Egyptian and Arabian costumes we sell.

Men can become Pharaohs, Sultans and sheiks. Women will be transformed into harem girls, belly dancers and genies. Our plus size Egyptian costumes have luxurious features like metallic fabrics, and fancy headpieces. In ancient Egyptian times, the royalty were adorned with gold and jewels. The costumes you will see here mimic the gold and jewels for colorful metallic fabrics and faux jewels.

Women will love the styles of Plus Size Cleopatra and Queen of The Nile costumes. For plus size men, you have the choice between wearing a Sheik costume that will turn you into an Arabian night or even a rich Arabian oil tycoon. Your can also dress up like King Tut in an elaborate plus size Pharaoh costume. In addition, we suggest you add an assortment of Egyptian and Arabian accessories with all the money you save on your costume.

Why travel to the Pyramids and back to find your costume when you can shop on our website from the comfort of your home. Its 100% secure and easy to navigate so you won't have to worry about the mummy's curse or getting lost in a labyrinth of web pages.

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