Curvy 80's Costumes

Let's go crazy and have fun in layers of lace, mesh and tulle. Women's plus size 80s costumes really bring the carefree excess of the 1980’s to the present day. Rock out to all the big hits this Halloween and it will feel like you never left! Bop like a pop star or bang your head like a hair band groupie. All you need is one of these costumes to have a fun time on Halloween, at parties, and enjoy themed events. Take a look at what we offer to transport you back to the 80’s.

Head back to the mall or arcade to hang out with all your friends. If you were a teenager in this decade you know these styles all too well. Wear something as stylish as Madonna or cool like Cyndi Lauper. There are all sorts of different ensembles to emulate and you can find all kinds of items right here to look the part. Be sure to add oversized acrylic earrings, multiple rubber bracelets, a lace headband, and so many more accessories to pull-off the ultimate retro wardrobe. Everything you need is sold here so make is a rockin' 80s Halloween this year.

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