Curvy 70's Costumes

Gather around the dance floor this Halloween for a disco revival. The dance scene has changed a lot since the free-wheeling and wild 70’s but it is easy to relive the Studio 54 experience for Halloween. You will need to start with a far out costume. Check out our plus size 70’s costumes and transport yourself back in time. You'll be shaking your booty and doing the hustle all night long.

To get yourself in the 70’s disco mood, dig that old record player dust off that box of records. Listening to songs by the Bee Gees and Donna Summer will help get you in the mood and feel the groove. By the time you put on your 70’s costume you'll forget the current year and think it’s 1977 all over again. You can choose from quite a few selections of plus size seventies costumes that any woman would feel great dancing in all night. Get down and funky at the party dressed in one of these 70’s outfits. Cut loose and feel funky by adding a variety of different accessories and items to your ensemble.

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