Curvy 60's Costumes

The sixties were really groovy time. Sit-ins, peace protests, Vietnam and Woodstock are some of the things that remind us of the Sixties. And what do all of these things have in common? The answer would be the presence of hippies. For better or worse, hippies are synonymous with the 60s. When you wear a plus size 60’s costume, everyone will recognize your clothing style and greet you with a two-finger peace sign. We are your #1 choice for plus size 60’s costumes at wholesale prices. Get Halloween costumes in mod and hippie styles for women at such a groovy price.

Hippies were all-encompassing during the 60’s, meaning that their presence was demonstrated in fashion, politics, social status, and lifestyle. Hippies were everywhere. Today, you can still find dozens of hippies 60’s costumes in the genuine flower child style to reconnect with the decade of yesteryear. But you can also find several chic styles of dresses to bring back go-go dancing. There are also all kinds of accessories you can add to enhance the experience. Check out all of our items and props to find the best match for your 60’s costume.

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