Curvy Cavewomen Costumes

Behold our ancestors, the cavemen! Let's go back to where it all began - the prehistoric caveman times. Our very earliest hunters and gatherers wore the pelts and skins of the animals they ate. We have a sense of what these rudimentary clothes looked like from the drawings and fossilized remains found on cave walls. Our plus size caveman costumes are based on the original caveman clothing but with a bit more fashionable twist. Faux fur animal print tunics and dresses make up our line. For added primal pizzazz, faux leather straps, armbands and headbands come with most plus size cavewomen costumes. In addition, the lightweight ultra suede and synthetic faux fur fabrics are much more sensible for the modern day caveman than heavy, saber tooth tiger skins.

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Cavewomen costumes are sexy in every size because of their primal nature and the fact that they show a lot of skin. Plus size cavewomen costumes feature sleeveless and over one shoulder dresses with bias cuts and jagged hems. The plus size caveman costumes have barbarian style chest pieces and shin guards to turn you into a caveman warrior. Men and women can also dress up for Halloween as the modern stone-age couple with plus size Fred Flintstone and Wilma Flintstone costumes.

To enhance your costume you need to add accessories. Merchandise such as bone jewelry, wigs and sandals will do the trick. Caveman makeup works too to give you that dirty look. In addition, we offer a humorous set of Jumbo Caveman feet and prop clubs. Discover ways to let your wild side show through in any of our low, low wholesale priced plus size cavewoman Halloween costumes.

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