Create Your Own Superhero Costumes

Create Your Own Superhero Costume 

Superhero’s have captured the imagination of the world thanks to their superhuman abilities. Hero’s like Superman, Batman and Storm are popular enough to be household names. Avoid matching at Halloween party and create your own superhero costume from scratch. Wholesale Halloween offers a wide range of superhero costume bit to create a new hero all your own!

Create Your Own Superhero Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Keep a watchful eye on your neighborhood this Halloween in your new role as its protector. Thanks to our all-encompassing superhero catalog we have a plethora of products from all of the latest blockbuster breakouts designed to provide you with authentic superhero equipment to aid in your crusade against crime and evil.

Our Marvel collection features apparel based on the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy and includes everything from the young and inexperienced Spider-Man to the veteran Iron Man, as well as powerful heavy hitters such as Thor, Gamora and more. Marvel heroes are known for being regular people with down-to-earth problems and lives that happen to involve superheroics. On the flip side, DC is all about Gods and Monsters living among men, larger than life figures who act as symbols to the people of their Earth. We’ve got Batman accessories, Wonder Woman weapons and costumes, and even Aquaman gear for an underwater look that will make the wearer feel as if they are the King of Atlantis. Put a unique spin on your costume with the help of these exciting accessories.

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