Crayola Crayon Costumes

Add some color to your Halloween look with Crayola Crayon group costumes for adults and kids. Many of these art outfits feature a jumpsuit or tank top dress depending on the intended audience. Women's and teen's ensembles often feature a sassy dress style while men's designs use a soft pullover look. The brand name of Crayola is printed on many of these outfits and they can be topped with a pointy hat headpiece. Complete your crayon dress or jumpsuit with props like leggings, wigs, face paint, and fun makeup. Make sure you have a full pack to complete a group look. Have each of your friends dress in a different color to complete a fun and colorful group dress-up. No matter if you are 5 or 50, you can still have a ton of fun dressing up in your favorite colors. Become a piece of art this Halloween in a crayon suit of your choice!

Crayola is one of the biggest names in art supplies. Chances are you have used these fun coloring supplies growing up and your child probably has too. There are tons of fun color names to distinguish one crayon from another. Whether your favorite is Tickle Me Pink, Wisteria Purple, or Screamin' Green, you can don your it in fashion form. For more fun have some of your friends dress as other art supplies like a notepad or paintbrush.

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