Construction Costumes

Construction Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Hey, we’re working here! So you’re the new guy the boss sent to try and speed things up? Well just remember we’ve got a union mandated break in five minutes… But fine,  guess you could get shown around the place in the meantime. We’ve got plenty of construction outfits to wear this Halloween, and luckily for you, the rules say you get to pick the one you want. So yay.

We’ve got construction outfits for kids and adults although nobody ever asked if having kids on site was a good idea but they seem to be having fun so what do we know. We’ve got LEGO costumes which are also a big hit thanks to the fact that they actually look like the LEGOs, with the little hook hands, and yellow skin and boxy bodies, it’s actually pretty impressive. So if you or your kids are fans of LEGO that’s a pretty good choice we’d say. We’ve also got assorted equipment like hard hats, and other tools that you’ll definitely want while you’re sprucing up the place. Okay, break time!

DIY Dump Truck Wagon Upgrade

There's no denying that getting ready for Halloween is hard work. If your little one wants to be a construction worker for Halloween, it can even look like a construction zone. If you’ve got all the clothes and tools to make your little construction worker look authentic, don't forget about the wagon. This DIY Dump Truck Wagon upgrade will help take the look to the next level.

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