Clown Costume Accessories

Everyone loves a clown. Any person can be one if they want, but a good clown needs more than just a clown suit. Our clown accessories and makeup will have you ready to entertain people of all ages on Halloween or at a birthday party or fair. If you take the time to practice your slapstick humor beforehand, everyone will be asking when they can see you again!

Clown Costume Accessories Ideas & Inspiration

Whether you are dressing up as a happy clown or an evil clown this Halloween, we certainly have all of the Clown Costume Accessories you need to really make your costume come alive this year! Clowns are so fun to dress up as on Halloween. Whether clowns are trying to or not, they somehow find a way to strike fear into everyone's hearts.

It's no surprise that clowns are somewhere near the top on the list of people's worst fears. Is it the makeup? Is it the wacky colors and eccentric movements? Is is their big plastic shoes or their wild laughs and incessant desire to be funny? Whatever it is, circus clowns are pretty creepy. It's no wonder so many shows have played upon this spook factor and have made clowns into even more evil figures in our imaginations.

Whether we are talking about Pennywise from Stephen King's 'It' or Twisty from 'American Horror Story', the evil clown archetype certainly gets under our skin and creeps into our very souls. This Halloween, if you're dressing up as any type of clown, happy or evil, we have everything you need to make sure your costume is a huge hit at the party.

Whether you're looking for colorful clown wigs, bright red noses, big plastic shoes in colors of red, blue, yellow, or green, or face make-up to dress up your face in wild designs, we have you covered. Looking for a sinister clown mask? We have several. How about some props for your costume? You betcha! No matter what you need to make your clown costume a success, we are here to make sure you are looking and feeling your best as a clown this year.

Check out our clown accessories today, and go entertain the crowds and make them laugh... or scare the heck out of them! Your choice.

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