Clown Costumes

If you are looking for something fun for yourself or your children, a clown costume is the way to go. There is a huge variety of clowns that you can be. All you have to do is let your imagination take control!

The typical character, like Bozo or Ronald McDonald, is what comes to mind. The clown Halloween costumes that you can make range from cute to even scary depending on the type of character you want to be. If you are looking for clown costumes for your child, stay more with the cuter kinds over the scary ones. These are the ones with the bright colors and polka dots. Girls can choose from pink, purple, orange, and yellow. And the boys can go neon with green, orange and blue.

Get a wig and makeup to complete the disguise and you are all set. Be sure to include a big nose if you think your child can breathe through it. Don't forget the big, floppy shoes!

Adults may not want to dress up like a cute clown, so there are a few different styles for them. Wicked jesters are becoming popular. They are mostly black and white, with white makeup, but might scare the kids on Halloween. There are some bright designs for women to pick from. Use either a wig or spray paint your hair an eccentric color to finish your gruesome clown costumes. The shoes to wear can be sneakers or oversized silly shoes.

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Classic Clown Makeup Tutorial

The Classic Clown look is one of the most recognizable and used for Halloween costumes. This classic clown makeup tutorial from Wholesale Halloween Costumes will transform you into a sometimes funny, sometimes creepy, clown.

Scary Clown Makeup Tutorial

Clowns are one of the public’s most common fears, and coulrophobia is as common as arachnophobia. This makeup tutorialwill take you from average Joe to fiendish fool in a matter of minutes, thanks to Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

Classic Clown Costumes

Whether you're headed to the circus or to a costume party, you can't go wrong with a classic clown costume! There's fun to be had and silliness to experience! Clowns are one of the oldest and most reliable go-to costume looks. It's also extremely recognizable: the red nose, the multicolor wig, the polka dots, the big shoes, we all know the look. And what other costume is easier to accessorize? Between the wigs and the water-squirting flowers, there's never been a costume that's easier to add on to. Pick out the look you'd like to make people laugh in, hop in your clown car and go! Make it a group costume and leave room in the backseat for 20 friends!

Scary Clown Costumes

For most people, clowns can be one of two things: funny or terrifying. When it comes around to Halloween time, scary costumes seem to start outnumbering the funny ones, clown or not. So if you're looking to terrify someone this Halloween or at your next costume party, look no further. This selection offers all the scary clowns and jesters you could need to completely creep out everyone around you. There's always something a little creepy about clowns. The face paint, the wide-toothed smile, the over-sized shoes, all of it is a little bit unnerving. Spice up your clown look with a zombified look, or add a little blood and a cleaver to make your smile killer!

Sexy Clown Costumes

Sure, sometimes clowns are a little creepy, and sometimes they're a little funny. But when you take a bunch of bright colors and a few curve-flattering bits of clothing, you can turn any clown costume into an adorable and sexy costume! Suspenders and gloves and big round noses have never been so attractive! Whether you're trying to spice up your costume, or just feel good in what you're wearing, there's no better way than a sexy look. Clowns are a classic costume look, and with so many different accessories to add in, the possibilities are endless. Throw on a little face paint and some tights and hop in the clown car to head on your way to Halloween town, dressed as a sexy jester or a cute clown!

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