Clown Costume Accessories

Everyone loves a clown. Any person can be one if they want, but a good clown needs more than just a clown suit. Our clown accessories and makeup will have you ready to entertain people of all ages on Halloween or at a birthday party or fair. If you take the time to practice your slapstick humor beforehand, everyone will be asking when they can see you again!

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No matter what the occasion is, you'll find everything you need to have a great time for yourself and make a fun time for everyone else! No clown can appear in public without a brightly colored face, so you'll find all the makeup you need right here. You can pick and choose the colors you like, or buy a makeup kit that includes all you colors and application tools you need. Don't forget to add a red clown nose and a brightly colored clown wig if you don't already have one!

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When your face is properly decorated, you'll need to add some fun and goofy props. A clown can't wear ordinary sneakers, so add a pair of oversized clown shoe covers to match your outfit. A tie or bow tie can add even more fun to your clown suit, while a fake flower that squirts water at bystanders is a classic prop, as is a brightly colored horn that you can honk to surprise people or get their attention.

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