Clone Wars Costumes

Join the Grand Army of the Republic with official licensed Star Wars: The Clone Wars . Jango Fett made modified Storm Troopers, called Clone Troopers, in episodes II and III of the Star Wars film franchise as well as the animated Star Wars film The Clone Wars. The Clone Trooper's main goal is to assassinate the Jedi, whoever it is at the time. Be a clone troop commander with a white costume and yellow armor and get your forces to find the Jedi. Even better, be a clone troop leader with blue colors if that fits your more. With accessories like gloves and guns, anyone can be a Star Wars Clone Trooper from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is one of Star Wars’ animated series to attract a new generation to the films you fell in love with as a kid. Whether you’re more of a clone trooper or a clone troop leader, there is not stopping you from finding the next Jedi and making sure they get to Darth Vader himself. While you may not have the force, it will be with you when you scoop up these costumes with some great deals on the entire franchise!

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