Civil War Costumes

Whether you’re a union or confederate soldier this year, suit up in Civil War Costumes for the entire family. Whether for the school play or for Halloween this year, we have you covered in this life-like uniforms. Get ready for battle with a Civil War Costume that’s right for you from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. They’re so awesome, you’ll want to order yours today.

Civil War Costume Ideas & Inspiration

A country divided: the civil war saw an unimaginable conflict between the northern United States of America and the south which seceded to form the Confederate States of America. This devastating conflict, fought over the fate of slavery and millions of African Americans ended with the defeat of General Lee’s forces and the reintegration of the American south into the union.

Now you can honor and remember this amazing time in our nation’s history with costumes and apparel that will make for a great addition to historical reenactments, civic parades, and school stage performances. Based off actual uniforms that were worn at the time our selection of Union and Confederate uniforms pay homage to a time when brother battled against brother in a violent conflict that cost too many lives. You can enhance these costumes with the addition of accessories such as wigs, facial hair, and antique rifles and weapons.

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