Cinderella Costumes

Did you know that our beloved Disney princess, Cinderella, was actually created by a french man named Charles Perrault in 1634? And, after Walt Disney adapted her to American culture, her hair was originally burnt orange-not pretty and blond like it is today.

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She granted Cinderella a beautiful ice blue ball gown to wear in her horse and carriage. When she and Prince Charming had their first dance, She felt a heart full of love. But, when the clock strikes 12, she had to go. Running fast to not get in trouble, Cindy left behind her glass slipper. Her dreams of love seemed doomed, but she still had hope in her dreams. Prince Charming was immediately smitten by her beauty, and the purpose of the ball had officially taken flight. Prince Charming set out a royal proclamation, saying that the Duke would go to every house in the village until he found the women who belonged in the shoe. Like a great story, They lives happily ever after, together and in love.

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