Chucky Costumes

Finding the perfect scary outfit will be child's play with Chucky group costumes for men and women. These serial killer ensembles are designed to look like the main character from the Child's Play movie series. Chucky wears blue overalls and a striped shirt while his bride wears a biker jacket and dress. Women's Chucky outfits can either feature a cute dress version of his overalls or a Bride of Chucky dress. You can add to your ensemble with some horror accessories. Pick out weapon props like a butcher knife, fake blood, and wigs. Team up with a friend to form a couples outfit. You and your partner can dress as Chucky and his bride. Get ready to spread some terror with a creepy doll outfit.

Horror Movie Costumes

Don't take wearing a scary costume too seriously this Halloween. After all - It's only a bit of child's play. Wholesale Halloween Costumes has styles from Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, and with any of them, you'll be sure to add a little bit of fright into your night.

Find Chucky Costumes For The Whole Family

Child's Play is truly a classic scary movie, making it the perfect theme pick for Halloween. In this spooky classic the spirit of a psycho killer is magically put into a child's doll. The killer terrorizes the family of the child who receives him for a birthday gift. The films get increasingly campy and goofy, starting out as straight psychological horror and turning into self-referential jokes in later installments. If you are a fan of this funny horror movie, you have to incorporate the look into your Halloween style.

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