Christmas Hats

Santa hats and other Christmas headwear can enhance or even take the place of Christmas costume. On our website, you find many kinds of Christmas hats such as Santa hats, elf hats, novelty headbands, and hats with holiday humor.

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The red, cone-shaped hat with the white fur headband and pom-pom on the tip belongs to the one and only Santa Claus. No other hat is exactly like it. Elves may wear a hat with a similar shape but the red and white hat is none other than a Santa Hat. Santa hats vary by their length and the type of materials they of which they are made. However, they all have the distinctive Santa hat shape. The Santa hat is so important to the overall Santa Suit that one can wear the hat all by itself and everyone will know who you are trying to look like.

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Elf hats, like stated above, look just like a Santa hat but they are usually red and green striped. Sometimes they are accented with bells or have attached elf ears. All of these make a fun alternative to the Santa hat. Headbands feature things like wiggly Christmas trees and reindeer antlers. They are for anyone who appreciates the silly side of things. Other humorous holiday hats include a chimney hat and a Santa hat with shot glasses around the brim. Lastly, for classy Christmas hats that will go with any holiday outfit, a red beret or carolers hat will look fabulous.

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