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Cheering outfits are some of the most in demand Halloween costumes for every age group. Looking for a great idea for a child? Little girls often dream of being captain of the squad, so now is your chance to give your child an early dream come true. You can opt for a total package or pick and choose accessories, like megaphones, poms, hair bows, headbands, and jewelry. If you are in the rah!-rah! mood then put your cheerleader costume on early and spread some team spirit around before you begin trick or treating. Make sure you have your video camera ready! This could go viral!

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If you are thinking it might be too cold on a Halloween night for a short skirted cheer leader costume, just have your child don a sweatshirt and tights as part of the outfit. Matching leg warmers are a fun addition, too. When selecting your outfit, you might want to choose your local team's colors. If you don't have a team to represent, there are many cheerleader costumes available in patriotic red, white and blue.

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Cheering uniforms are also perfect for the woman who wants to spice up night time parties with a flirty, fun outfit. Whether you go patriotic, sporty, sexy, or gothic, you are sure to get lots of attention in a short skirted cheer leader set! Do not forget that guys cheer, too! Cheerleader Halloween costume for men and women can be in the same colors or different - depending if you want to be on the same team or not. Another choice is for the guy to dress as a football player and have his favorite cheer girl as his date! And, if you have a group of people to outfit, a cheer squad is a great idea!

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