Caveman/Cavewoman Costumes

Long, long ago, when fire was first discovered, prehistoric humans communicated in grunts and wore animal hides for warmth. Caveman and Cavewomen costumes offer a style that appeals to your primal instincts. They are sexy and fun. Inevitably more attractive that what real primitive being might have worn, our styles are also more comfortable. They definitely smell better too!

Quality Caveman Costumes For The Whole Family

Cavewoman and caveman costumes feature leopard and tiger prints just like the real thing. The only differences, beside the fact that they have faux fur is that you didn't have to hunt and kill anything to get it. Yet, you'll look like you just came from a saber tooth tiger hunt.

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If you want to show off your toned body, these animal print costumes allow you to so do in the most primal way. The hems are rough and jagged. The necklines are one shoulder, v-neck or strapless and the use of faux leather in the belts and armbands is just the Cro-Magnon would have liked it.

Of course, we cannot mention cave-people without mentioning the most famous modern stone-age family of all, the Flintstones. Fred and Wilma Flintstone along with Barney and Betty Rubble are the main characters we offer their styles in both regular and plus size. There are also Pebbles and Bamm Bamm selections for kids.

Men and women alike can accessorize with items like bone necklaces, clubs and spears.

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