Cat Costumes

From a sweet purr to the hearty roar of a lioness, our cat costumes are sheer purr-fection. We have all types of feline styles from pretty kitties to the king of the jungle. Infants, girls and women alike all have a variety of options with color combinations and wildcat patterns that you'll purr over when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Cat Costumes

Girls Cat Costumes

There's always a time for kids when then want to dress like animals, and this year, yours probably wants to get into a cat costume! There's no need to fear, though, since there's no end to amazing costumes that are available for a night of trick-or-treating, costume parties, and much more. If she wants to look like a cute little creature, there are tons of different choices like a ballerina kitty, a girl's kool kat costume, a black cat onesie, and plenty of other furry styles. But that's not all! She can also dress up as one of the famous Batman characters with a sleek Catwoman costume, there are striped tigeress costumes, and fluffy outfits that protect against the cold Halloween night.

It doesn't matter what kind of outfit she's looking for to wear for her next big costume party or another dress-up event – this collection is sure to help her find something she loves!

Womens Cat Costumes

Cat Halloween costumes are a classic look for helping you look your best when you're trying to find a look for your next night of costume fun and trick-or-treating! Not only are there fluffy and cuddly outfits that look just like a warm kitty who loves to be held and nuzzled, get a sleek jumpsuit that makes you into an eye-catching character like Catwoman or any other jumpsuit, or get a dressed with an attached tail you can use to turn yourself into a famous animal.

A night of dressing up is sure to be a blast when you have all the options available right now on this page of Wholesale Halloween Costume cat costumes. You can take the family out for some fun trick-or-treating, going to a costume party as a fine feline, and much, much more!

Sexy Cat Costumes

Cats are sleek, skinny creatures who love slinking their way through dark rooms to beds, and we carry a big selection of sexy cat costumes that are sure to make you the center of attention no matter what kind of event you're attending! Whether you're starting with a sleek jumpsuit that has cat ears and tail, or want to get a sexy dress that has a great style, there are some great choices no matter what kind of event you're heading to. A sexy cat costume can also act as a base for a special costume of any kind of design, since they're sure to look good and help you build an outfit that's memorable and unique, and sure to make you the one that everyone will want to pet!

Cat Costume Accessories

A cat Halloween costume always starts with a base – and that can be anything from a long and frilly dress to a sleek and slinky jumpsuit – but there are lots of items you can add to make it look even better! Cats require a tail to help keep their balance and climb wherever they want, ears to hear and locate noises, and sharp claws to fight off other creatures and catch their prey. Help make your next fun look better than ever with the help of these handy accessories for kids and adults!

Facts About Cats

Cats are cute little creatures – or big, powerful beasts – and now it's never been easier to look like one of these feisty felines with the help of a huge collection of cat costumes from Wholesale Halloween Costumes!

Cats – or the animal family felidae – are carnivorous mammals with fur, pointed ears, retractable claws, whiskers, and sharp teeth. Cats include house cats, in all its variety of forms, as well as lions, tigers, leopards, lynxes, and more. There are tons of different breeds within each subfamily and genus, and so there are lots of ways to look just as good as a great part of the animal kingdom. Cats might be fierce, but they're also as cute as can be, with cute little noses, soft fur, swishing tails, and a certain sleek design that helps them fit with almost any kind of area.

Famous Cats

He may not be the most glorious member of Dorothy's gang of misfits, but the Cowardly Lion is a huge part of the team – and he's a cat! Check out the Wizard of Oz costumes and get yourself some courage this Halloween! He has a big mane, a tufted tail, and a long bodysuit, and is ready to join the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and Dorothy on their way to the Wizard of Oz, down the Yellow Brick Road!


There's yet another cat who has fired into the public consciousness recently: Black Panther! He's a powerful warrior and a wise leader from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who has a sleek, strong look, and everybody will love dressing up as him!

What's another famous cat? Why, what about the colorful and whimsical Cat in the Hat, from the famous Dr. Seuss book of the same name? This cat has a unique and memorable look that is perfect for fun costume parties or going out for some trick or treating with Thing 1 and Thing 2, and it's easy to make your special outfit, with the help of a big tall hat!


For some, the most famous cat out there is none other than Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman! Shop the selection of Catwoman and DC Comics costumes today, and get your acrobatics down before Halloween! From the original television version of the character from the 1966 Batman series, to the new outfit that Anne Hathaway wears in the Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Rises, there are plenty of choices to help you or your little cat become this famous comic book character.

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