Cat Costumes

From a sweet purr to the hearty roar of a lioness, our cat costumes are sheer purr-fection. We have all types of feline styles from pretty kitties to the king of the jungle. Infants, girls and women alike all have a variety of options with color combinations and wildcat patterns that you'll purr over when it comes to Halloween costumes.

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Retract your claw and let out a MEOWW!!! Listen to the sounds of both soft purrs and big roars this Halloween. Kitty outfits are a delight for all ages. The only thing that can compare to the cuteness of a baby kitten is an infant or a toddler dressed as a plush kitty. You can use a black make-up pencil to draw whiskers and a little black nose to make them look irresistible. As for older girls, they can experience a feline frenzy with the many choice of feline costumes for girls. Leopards, lions and Cheshire cats are just a few of the choices. Let us not forget the wild tigers and little lions that look so goon on boys too! Now women...they can really have fun prowling our website for women's cat suits and especially sexy styles. These fitted bodysuits, dresses and corset sets are cheetah-licious! Women can choose between being sassy or sexy. It all comes down to what you like best.

Find The Hottest Cat Costumes for Halloween

For a very familiar costume, our licensed cats include the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland and Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes Cereal and even Looney Tunes' Sylvester.

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