Captain America Costumes

The process of getting a Captain America costume for Halloween is much easier than what Steve Rogers had to endure in the Marvel comic book to become Captain America. He did not start out as a muscle bound super hero. He was just a puny guy who wanted to serve his country in the military. The military saw something special in him and selected him for a special military operation that would turn him into a superior soldier, capable of fighting in order to preserve justice, freedom and the American way of living.

Captain America Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Steve Rogers was frozen in the ice at the end of WWII. He never could have imagined all the twists and turns his life would take before ending up as the leader of the Avengers. Make sure you honor his sacrifice by taking up the Captain America costume with a new look that feels like it is ready to inspire your fellow men and women to action. Make sure you settle for nothing less than the very best and browse our catalog of official Marvel outfits made in the mold of the uniforms that Steve Rogers sports.

Many of these costumes are based on of his outfit as seen in the MCU movies, but others are also taking their inspiration from his classic duds providing a little something for everyone whether they are a new fan or an old one. Our selection even includes naughty costumes that will get the pulses of your fellow Avengers really pounding as well pet outfits and more. Have a blockbuster celebration this Halloween with your new Cap gear.

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