Bunny Costumes

Go down the bunny trail just like in your favorite childhood story in all different types of bunny costumes. Easter only happens once a year, and if you need to be everyone’s favorite egg delivering bunny we have you covered. We have White Rabbit costumes for anyone in need of an Easter getup, We also have naughty bunnies for women feeling sassy, baby bunnies, and bunny ears for all sizes! It definitely doesn’t have to be Easter for anyone to be this cute animal!

Easter Bunny Costumes

There are tons of different ways to get a fun, colorful, and memorable look for your next Easter event or a fun Halloween costume party! Shop this collection of bunny costumes to get everything from simple and adorable kid and toddler costumes, to darling tutu bunnies, all the way up to full-size mascot costumes! There are tons of different styles to choose from – if you're working with a tight budget, get a few accessories like teeth, a nose, and a pair of ears to update a different look, if you're looking for the biggest and best, get a full costume mascot, which includes feet, hands, and huge masks, and everything in between. From sultry rabbits with fluffy white tails to cute little hares who will love hopping around in a few beautiful looks, carrying baskets full of candy, it will be easy finding a wonderful outfit no matter what kind of event you have planned.

There are lots of different colors and styles to choose from, each bunny rabbit has a different look, and you're sure to enjoy browsing through the different looks available to find the perfect outfit for any time of the year.

DIY Bunny Ears

Want to create some fun items for your next collection of Easter costumes? Get the kids helping with a fun activity when you tackle the Do it yourself bunny ears headband! You'll need a pair of rabbit ears, wool felt in a selection of colors, scissors, a hot glue gun, and a printable flower template. Simply follow the steps until you've created an amazing addition. It's a wonderful project for the kids to help with, and they'll love the colorful items they can create, and they can even add their own special additions to make unique costume accessories that they'll treasure.

Other Bunny Costume Accessories

If you already have a costume in mind, but want to make it even better, take a look at all of the different bunny costume accessories we offer! Complete your bunny or hare look with tons of small items that add a unique flair, items like bunny ears headbands, fluffy rabbit tails, big buck teeth, bunny shoes, glasses, masks, buckets, and more. You can also get costumes for your pets, comfy swaddle material for infants, and colorful looks for your youngest. They go great for Easter, a Halloween costume party, and lots of other events and outfits. You're sure to find exactly what you need!

Easter Mantel Decorating Ideas

Decorating for Easter doesn't have to be difficult! With the help of these decorating ideas, you can make some amazing mantel decorations: there's framed Easter art for a cute addition, canvas art with a few simple steps to get kids having fun with some crafts, a bunny tail wreath made out of soft cotton balls, eggs under glass, an egg-ceptional garland that's colorful and great for all kinds of events, and plenty of other helpful items. They're all fun items that help your next special event something all of your guests will be able to recall, long after the candy has been eaten!

bunny party ideas

Bunny Birthday Party

Bunnies aren't just for Easter or Halloween! Create a beautiful and memorable bunny-themed birthday party, with everything you need for a fun day! You can create your very own party invitations, a huge collection of bunny birthday decorations like centerpieces, tableware, serving trays, party banners, and tissue fans, some delicious party food like carrot rice krispy treats, dipped Oreo's with pink jellybean noses, delicious cupcakes, and more. You can also create unique party games and birthday favors that will help your guests remember all the fun they had, and you can do it all on a low budget and with incredible design you can be proud of!

Bunny Birthday Cookies

Even better, you can make the perfect cookies for your next amazing event when you take a look at these Adorable Decorated Bunny Cookies! This simple recipe is a great activity for kids, and helps your next fun party become even better – this design is sure to be a hit! All it takes is some classic baking supplies, as well as royal icing in pink, rose, green, black, teal, and white. Cut the uncooked dough into a bunny shape, and once they're baked you can use the royal icing to decorate. 

Easter Bunny Facts

If you're trying to find something that works as both a Halloween costume and an Easter costume, an Easter Bunny costume is the perfect choice!

The hare was a popular motif in medieval church art, associated with the Virgin Mary for their – at the time, believed – hermaphroditic qualities. Eggs have also been seen as symbols of fertility since antiquity, associated with rebirth via the phoenix egg, and they became tied to Easter in medieval Europe, since eating them was forbidden during Lent. In fact, a common practice on the Saturday before Easter was for children to go door-to-door, begging for eggs for their Easter Sunday meals. Quite similar to Halloween, isn't it? The idea of the egg-giving hare came to the US from German immigrants in the 18th century, who brought the myth of the “Osterhase,” a hare that brings good children colored eggs, leaving them in the “nests” the children made with their caps and bonnets.

With these many and diverse myths and ideas combined, we have the modern idea of the Easter Bunny, a colorful creature who leaves delicious candy on Easter – and now, I'm sure you're delighted to know, you can dress up with any of these wonderful Easter Bunny costumes!

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