Bride Costumes

Whether you’re single or walking down the aisle really soon, every young girl or woman dreams of someday being a bride. Having a wedding is a rite of passage in one’s life, and being a bride on Halloween will almost be like the real thing. With or without a groom, these dresses are perfect for anyone who’s got their wedding plans drawn out. Be a traditional bride or an undead bride with any of our choices in stock. With costumes for women and girls, every girl can have the chance for the wedding they always wanted!

From sexy fantasy bride to Bride of Chucky, we have different types of bride costume available. Feeling sensual and sassy? Sexy Immortal Mistress is your choice. Want to scare the pants off the groom? Cemetery Bride, Monster Bride, and  Lost Soul Bride are just some of the many options you can choose to give a new meaning to “in sickness and in health” in those wedding vows. Add some dead flowers for your bouquet before you throw it to the lucky (or unlucky, depending if you’re dead or not) girl who’s next. Your child can also be a bride, dead or alive. We offer living and dead bridal costumes for kids, so no matter what they ask for, they’ll get their dream dress.

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