Boy's Capes/Robes

Simply putting on the right one of these boy's capes and robes change an ordinary child into something extraordinary. A regular boy can become a vampire, a wizard, a skeleton, an ax murderer, or even the personification of death itself. Halloween is the perfect time to let your boy indulge in pretending to be the things that go bump in the night and these amazing boy's capes and robes Halloween costumes will help them do just that.

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Halloween is a special time where just a little bit of effort and imagination can turn something as simple as a cape or robe into an elaborate costume. Be sure to check out all the cool accessories available to help complete the look that a boy's cape or boy's robe adds to his Halloween costume. With just a little bit of effort, your son will be the most powerful wizard, the scariest vampire, or the craziest maniac the neighborhood has ever seen.

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